V7 300

Available in 12 colors

Choose the tone that adapts best to the bathroom’s style


Veltia hand dryers are endorsed by Microban® International, Ltd., which is global leader in products with antimicrobial protection incorporated.

This technology is incorporated in Veltia’s products during their manufactoring process to inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria and mold, that can cause stains, bad smells and the deterioration of a product.

The Microban® technology can be applied in a wide range of materials: polymers, fabrics, coatings, paper and adhesives.

The Microban® brand guarantees that Veltia’s hand dryers have continuous, long-lasting and effective antimicrobial protection, which will provide a superior level of defense against harmful microbes throughout the life of the product.


Drying system with 300 holes. The design of the outlet section and the air velocity are studied to offer optimal drying, avoiding water splashes as much as possible.

The correct use of the dryer does not require any hand contact with the equipment, which uses the clean air from the previously filtered environment.

Saves electricity due to its short drying time and low consumption. The hand dryer prevents waste of paper and the washing and transfer of towels.

It only needs monthly maintenance, filter cleaning and emptying the water tank.

Formed by a single mold, which prevents water from getting stagnant in the joints. In this way, hygiene is improved and water leaks are avoided thanks to its small tank located at the bottom.

Complement it with


It’s an air filter that quickly and efficiently eliminates 99,50% of the polluting particles in suspention. It is made up of a mesh with a diameter of between 0.5 and 2 micrometers. It is positioned as one of the most effective filters on the market.


ZeroSmell is a gel that is used to eliminate bad odors and improve air quality, leaving a soft fragrance. It releases neutralizing active agents depending on temperature and air flow, slowly and linearly. When these agents come into contact with malodorous molecules, they react chemically and neutralize each other.

Unlike conventional air fresheners, which only mask bad odor with perfumes, ZeroSmell completely eliminates bad odors.

It provides great comfort in the different areas and establishments, so that the visitor can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere at all times.


The Wall Clean Pad is an antibacterial panel compatible with all Veltia hand dryers. It allows installing the dryer to the wall in an easy and elegant way, avoiding the 99,9% of bacteria. It is light in weight, but resistant to impacts, shocks and humidity.


– Small: 300x600mm
– Big: 347x900mm


– White
– Silver


Brush with a perfect metal bar to unclog the hand dryer drain, thus ensuring proper maintenance.

1 brush comes with the V7 300 hand dryer.

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