¡Sostenibilidad es 325 vatios y
10 años de garantía!

Secador de manos de alta velocidad con el menor consumo eléctrico del mercado: 325 vatios y 10 años de garantía.




Sustainability is 325 watts
with a 10-year warranty!

High speed hand dryer with the lowest electricity consumption on the market: 325 watts and a 10-year warranty.



Hygiene and safety in public spaces has become a more fundamental aspect than it was before the Covid-19 health crisis.

Hygiene and safety in public spaces, where there is a large number of people on a daily basis, has become a more fundamental aspect than it was before the Covid-19 health crisis.

During these past two years, the recommendation of washing our hands with soap or antibacterial gel on a frequent basis has increased. Also, organizations such as the WHO have recommended the fact of using hand dryers in public spaces.

At Veltia, we were born to revolutionize the hand dryer market, which is why in recent years we have focused on working to ensure the safety and hygiene of our users in difficult times.

The result of this work has been the new UV-C products (Ultraviolet and titanium catalyst); the Ultraviolet VFusion and the Ultraviolet Foot Dryer, specifically the variants of our VFusion and Foot Dryer equipment.

Let’s learn about the characteristics that make these products the most hygienic dryers on the market.

Ultraviolet Technology

The ultraviolet light contained in our equipment makes the dryers act effectively against possible fungi, bacteria or viruses that may be found. And not only this, but they are also capable of getting rid of harmful microorganisms, making them harmless or even non-existent. This is possible thanks to the short-wave radiation that it produces, which disables the reproduction of these microorganisms.


Titanium catalyst and HEPA filter

With the titanium catalyst and the HEPA H13 air filter, an oxidation of organic pollutants is achieved and the ability to retain 99.97% of the polluting particles found in the air.

100% sterilized

Thanks to the ultraviolet technology, the titanium catalyst, the HEPA filter and the antimicrobial system, our UV-C products are able to eliminate the viral particles of SARS-Co-V2. This process has been tested in the laboratories of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona.

In addition, they have a ZeroSmell gel that is responsible for improving air quality and reducing possible bad odors that may form. Every 90 days both this gel and the HEPA H13 filter are changed.

Finally, these teams also care about aesthetics, with the aim of modernizing the image of the bathrooms, turning them into hygienic and harmonious spaces, thus attracting the attention of users. They are 100% customizable equipment that have various front trims that can be easily interchanged; there are up to a total of 15 different colors.

Given the global health crisis that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, guaranteeing the user maximum hygiene, protection and safety are fundamental and priority aspects for Veltia.

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