Hygiene and safety in public spaces has become a more fundamental aspect than it was before the Covid-19 health crisis.

The hygiene and modern style of the bathroom in your business can be a guarantee of excellence for your clients’ perception of your establishment. In fact, conditioning and tuning it up are important aspects that could give added value to your business, not only because it will impress everyone who visits it, but because it will give you benefits such as energy saving, a contribution of modernity and maximum hygiene.

Veltia’s hand dryers represent three fundamental aspects: technological innovation, modernist design, and responsibility towards the environment.

Veltia and its commitment with the environment

We currently live in a society that is increasingly aware of the environment; it is for this reason that having hand drying systems that safeguard the environment will always be positive for your business. Leaving aside the use of disposable paper towels or, in the case of hotels, hand towels, will not only reduce environmental contamination by the amount of single-use paper thrown away, but also reduce the carbon footprint that implies the transport and the service of washing the towels.

Innovative and revolutionary design that transmits pleasant sensations

An attractive space to the eye always offers a differential value in our current society. Clean and organized environments offer pleasant sensations when entering a space. However, it is not the only aspect that must be considered when maintaining your establishment’s bathroom; the good image of every single one of your business’ spaces can impact in your client’s perspectives. Veltia’s hand dryers are created to have a modern design that combines the attributes of elegance, simplicity, and functionality, giving a differentiating touch to any space where they are installed.

One of the Veltia dryers that offers all of this is the VFusion, a 100% personalized hand dryer. Its interchangeable front bezel is quick and easy to exchange, so you can give a different touch to your bathroom when you want, offering a space with a personalized atmosphere with its 16 available colours.

Besides its fancy and innovative design, the VFusion features a high speed but low decibel motor with its 2 interchangeable patented air vents (Patented Acoustic Dampening System), offering an acoustic level inferior to a hair dryer. These two options for air vents are Multijet and Blade.

As if that were not enough, the VFusion is also a guarantee of hygiene since it has an air filter (HEPA H13) incorporated, which quickly and efficiently removes 99.97% of the contaminating particles found in the air.

Guarantee of hygiene and safety

With the current sanitary crisis, guaranteeing a maximum hygiene and safety in public spaces has become essential. Recently, official organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization), the European Commission and the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended to frequently wash the hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel and dry them with hand dryers. Therefore, the use of hand dryers is completely safe and recommended.

Veltia’s V7 range of dryers have a plus of hygiene since they have the possibility of integrating the Ion-Shield technology. This technology purifies the air emitting 20 million of negative ions per cm3, which attract the dirty particles and clean the air from bacteria, mites, and bad odours.

Besides this technology, all the V7 range dryers are endorsed by Microban, world leader in products with antimicrobial protection. Additionally, and optionally, HEPA H13 filters may be added, which quickly and efficiently eliminate 99.97% of the polluting particles found in the air.

Modernizing the bathrooms in your establishment with Veltia’s hand dryers will attract attention from your clients thanks to all their characteristics and mentioned benefits. They will also give you the opportunity to offer harmonic and hygienic spaces which, at the same time, will give you the possibility to contribute to the environment and save in energetic expenses.

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