We work to create efficient products that respect the environment at the same time that we worry about social inclusion

80% energy saving

Our products dry quicker and consume much less. This enables an energy saving of approximately 80% and converts Veltia dryers into ecological and sustainable products that respect the environment.

Proof of this are the results of the environmental indicator of the carbon footprint that reflects all the greenhouse emitted gases. Veltia products have a much lower carbon footprint than paper.

Products that reduce environmental and noise pollution

With the use of our dryers, the use of disposable paper is significantly reduced as well as towels in the case of hotels. The fact of using fewer towels also minimizes their transport, also having an impact on the reduction of environmental pollution.

Acoustic indicators also play in our favour. Our dryers are powerful and dry quickly and efficiently, but are very quiet. The key is to regulate the air outlet and, with it, its speed, making noise a minimum.

Also, one of our star products, the VFusion hand dryer, incorporates the HEPA filter, an air filter that eliminates the 99,9% of the polluting particles in suspension.

Lastly, you must know that using Veltia’s products, you can get the LEED certificate for sustainable buildings from the US Green Building Council.

Committed to people

Helping others give sense to our work. Every day we think what else we can give the society as a company.

We are committed to every single person that is part of Veltia. In our workforce we bet on diversity: gender, capabilities and different nationalities.

A high percentage of our workers are people with functional diversity who are part of the TEB cooperative group. Our manager, Miquel Canut, has it clear:

"We nurture each other and learn from each other every day"

For all these reasons, we can affirm that Veltia is a "responsible company", committed to the ecology and people, who work day after day to make a better world. Will you help us?

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