We work to create attractive products that blend in all types of spaces.

Design products, which transmit sensations

Our goal, in this way, is that Veltia’s products transmit sensations only with a simple glance, as the motto says “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

We didn’t want to only manufacture a hand dryer with an innovative technology; but attractive hand dryers, as the aesthetic component plays a differential value in our society and in a market filled with industrial designed products that, visually, don’t attract attention.

Detecting this necessity, the lack of attractive hand dryers in the market, 16 years ago we, at Veltia, started working with the aim to develop modern designed hand dryers that perfectly combine the attributes of elegance, simplicity and functionality.

Customizable hand dryers

At Veltia we have launched a 100% aesthetically customizable hand dryer on the market. We are talking about the VFusion, an innovative and elegant product that has revolutionized the industry of products related to hygiene and comfort.

The VFusion has an interchangeable chrome front bezel that’s very easy to remove and put on, only with a click, that is nowadays available in 16 colors. From warm tones, through pastel shades, to cold colors and even fluorine.

100% aesthetically customizable hand dryer, through interchangeable front bezels

Color variety is also the protagonist in our range of V7 hand dryers (V7 300 and V7 Tri-Blade). These products are pure innovation and design, based in a patented system which makes them the most exclusive hand dryers in the market.

Hand dryers that are integrated in all spaces

Veltia’s hand dryers have the capacity to perfectly integrate itself in a great variety of spaces thanks to its studied and calculated to the millimeter design.

To achieve this, at Veltia we have taken into account a lot of aspects related to the perception of the objects, which allows that, with a simple glance, a hand dryer seems attractive to us and transmits elegance and innovation.

Measurements play a key role in the VFusion hand dryer, which follows opinions of the well-known “golden ratio“, following the harmony and a worldwide accepted aesthetic.

This fact, added to the multitude of options of different colours of front trims, makes this revolutionary hand dryer the best complement for bathrooms in different spaces.

We can put Veltia hand dryers in hotels, restaurants and other premises related to restoration, offices, public spaces, gyms and other businesses related to the well-being and health, etc.

Also, the VFusion hand dryer, because of its dimentions and aesthetic, can be put in private toilets, main ones or courtesy, giving homes a plus of modernity and distinction.

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Minimalist, sophisticated and with an undoubtedly innovative and exclusive design, these are our hand dryers, which are currently installed in places of international prestige, such as the Statue of Liberty monument in New York, or in the Harrods department store in London.